Neck Pain Treatments

If neck pain is a chronic nuisance in your life, Dr. Bill Logan and the team at Logan Chiropractic Center in Warren, MI, provide adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and much more so that you can enjoy natural relief.

Tips for Preventing and Treating Neck Pain

The phrase “pain in the neck” has been used to describe many annoyances in life. However, those annoyances typically have nothing on actual pain. Neck pain can make it hard to concentrate, sleep, and even move. It can also lead to headaches and other complaints. The good news is that most cases of such pain are both preventable and treatable. Dr. Logan and the team at Logan Chiropractic Center in Warren, MI, share tips to help below.

1. Sit Up Straight

Most people heard this command as children but didn’t understand its importance. The truth is that good posture is about much more than manners and looking good. It can have a direct impact on your spinal health. Whether you’re working at a desk or texting on your phone, keep your screen at eye level and don’t slouch.

2. Take Breaks

Whether you’re leaning over paperwork, your phone, or a keyboard, keeping your head leaned over puts undue strain on the neck. It’s vital that you take breaks to stretch your neck and shoulders. This is true even if you’re maintaining good posture, as your muscles can tire and lead to slouching.

3. Be Active

Staying active keeps blood pumping well through your body and strengthens the muscles needed to support your neck and back. It also helps maintain a healthy weight, which prevents undue pressure on the discs of the spine.

4. Make Stretching Part of Your Routine

It’s difficult to get through the day without building up tension in the muscles. Unfortunately, tension in the neck and shoulders can cause a great deal of suffering. Try to add stretching to both your morning and evening routines to help release this tension. It’s also beneficial to stretch a few times throughout your day.

5. Adjust Your Sleep Position

Sometimes neck pain comes from sleeping on your front or on a pillow without good neck support. If either of these is true, try sleeping on your back or side and invest in a good pillow.

6. Visit a Chiropractor

Whether you’re in pain or hoping to prevent it, a chiropractor can be an invaluable resource. From maintaining spinal alignment to addressing tension and other soft tissue problems, chiropractic care is vital to natural, pain-free living.

Prevent and treat neck pain naturally and effectively by visiting Dr. Logan at Logan Chiropractic Center in Warren, MI. Call (586) 751-1977 to schedule an appointment.

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